Vaishnav Sampraday

Jagadguru Ramanandacharya was a Vaishnava saint, a known incarnation of Lord Shri Rama. He is considered to be the reviver of the Ramanandi sect (Shri Ramavat or Shri sampraday ). Ramananda for the most part of his life lived in the holy city of Varanasi, and was a pioneer of the Bhakti movement, as well as a social reformer in Northern India. He was known for communicating in vernacular Hindi, and accepting disciples of all religions and castes.

" Ramanandah swayam Ramah praadurbhuto mahitale " - Vaishvanar samhita Vaishvanar samhita states that Jagadguru Ramanandacharya is Supreme Lord Shri Ram Himself who appeared on this earth. He declared emphatically:- "Oh, Lord Ram, the king of all the worlds! Irrespective of one's age, gender, caste, social status, physique, purity etc, Everyone is rightfully eligible for Prapatti [ Sharanagati - to take refuge] of your lotus feet in my opinion! Whether a Jiva is competent or incompetent, strong or weak, rich or poor, of higher or lower class, pure or impure, in all states he is rightfully eligible to take Sharanagati [refuge] of your lotus feet. Nothing is expected from Jivas for Prapatti [surrendering into lotus feet of Lord Rama]. " (- Sri Vaishnava Matanbuj Bhaskar, Jagadguru Aadya Ramanandacharya) from

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